Pawn A Motorcycle Loans

Use Motorcycle As Collateral


  • Pawn Your Motorcycle & Borrow
  • Against Your Motorcycle Value
  • No Credit Check or Pay Slips
  • No Repayment Until Bike Pick Up
  • VISIT NOW, No Approval Needed.
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Pawn your Bike for Cash Loan

Pawn Your Motorcycle

Pawn/Hock your motorcycle for cash loan against motorcycle.

When considering can I pawn my motorcycle and obtain a loan against your motorcycle, we’re here for you, you can borrow against your motorcycle here and we’ll pawn your motorcycle and advance a cash loan against your motorcycle collateral in a matter of minutes, don’t wait act now! pawn your motorbike here!

Obtain your cash loan against your motorcycle at Hock a Motorcycle pawn shop.

Borrow Against Motorcycle


  • No Approval Necessary
  • Pay No Application or Hidden fees
  • No Credit Check Necessary
  • No Monthly Repayments

Pawn My Motorbike

Motorbike pawn loans are available from $500 up to $30,000 subject to your motorbike value.

How to Borrow Against Your Motorcycle

Pawn your motorcycle for loan

  1. To pawn your motorcycle, bring your bike to our motorcycle pawn shop Parramatta
  2. Use motorcycle value to borrow money against your motorcycle
  3. Pawn your motorbike here for cash in hand
  4. Motorcycle remains in our custody until loan repaid

Loan Against Motorbike

No Credit Check Process

We’ll ensure your cash loan no credit check against your motorcycle is hassle free. Furthermore, we’ll pawn your motorbike even if you have bad credit.

Loan Against Motorcycle

When needing to pawn your bike, we’ll consider all motorbikes regardless of make or type whether it be a two-wheeler, dirt bike or three-wheeler. Furthermore, when considering to pawn your bike the year is irrelevant.

Cash loans against motorbikes

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Borrow Against Motorcycle

Any concerns you may have in relation to the “hock your motorcycle” process and borrowing money against your motorcycle or selling your motorcycle, view our helpful FAQs or how it works guide or submit your bike details click here for a free assessment. Note, also we provide loans against cars, and boats.

bikes at motorcycle pawnbroker shop North Parramatta

Need to Pawn Your Motorbike?

Submit your boat details (click) for a free assessment. Furthermore, we also provide loans against cars and motorcycles. View about our services.

Motorcycle Pawn Shop Near You

Hock a Motorcycle shop is located in the centre of Sydney.


10 D North Rocks Rd, North Parramatta.

Need Cash Loan on Motorcycle

Don’t Wait Act Now!

  1. SMS your bike photos for appraisal
  2. Apply / enquire online
  3. Make an appointment booking

Or visit our motorcycle hock shop located North Parramatta

Borrower needs to provide proof of ownership and identification.

Borrow Money in Minutes

5 Step Fast & Easy Process

  1. Visit motorcycle pawn shop 10d North Rocks Rd North Parramatta (Direction)
  2. Assess bike and confirm amount
  3. Formalize loan documents
  4. Receive Cash in Hand or Bank Transfer
  5. Bike remains in storage until loan repaid

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and where to pawn my motorcycle?

Visit our North Parramatta Motorcycle Pawn Shop so we may appraise your motorcycle and verify ownership. Upon verification your loan will be advanced based on a mutual agreed amount.

Do I qualify for a loan against my motorcycle if it has finance owing?

Should owe money on your motorcycle? contact us to discuss, ☎ 02 9630 9968

What documents do I need to provide to pawn my motorcycle?

We require proof that you own the motorcycle, such as registration or sale document.

Do I qualify for a motorbike pawn loan if I have a bad credit rating?

We do not process credit checks as your loan is based on you leaving your motorcycle with us as security.

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