Need Loan Against Motorcycle
Pawn Your Motorcycle For Cash

  • Borrow from $500 up to $30,000
  • No Repayments for First 90 Days
  • Negotiable Rate and Terms
Borrower receiving cash payment after obtaining a Pawn Motorcycle Loans at Hock a Car 4 Cash
What Are Pawn Motorcycle Loans?

A Loan Offered Against A Motorcycle Used As Collateral

At Hock a Motorbike for Cash, pawning and obtaining a cash loan against your motorcycle is an easy and effortless experience. We ensure the whole motorcycle pawn loan process is completed and settled in just minutes.

Furthermore, when considering to pawn your motorbike even if you have bad credit, we can provide a no credit check loan when you borrow against your motorbike.

How it Works?

Obtaining a short-term cash loan against a motorcycle here, is not reliant on borrowers’ credit score! Therefore, there is no need to process credit checks. It’s so easy to pawn your motorcycle for a cash loan on your motorbike title / value.

Importantly the amount of money you require and your motorcycles value is the only condition. View our Loan checklist so you understand fully.

  • Negotiable Rate No Setup Fee.
  • No Repayments Pay Later Plan.

What Amount Will We Lend?

Generally, amounts lent range from $500 up to $30,000 depending on the make and model of motorbike being pawned and off course the amount borrowed against the motorcycle. In addition, all motorcycle makes and types are considered. Whether it be a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or atv.

Image of Motorcycles pawned for a Pawn Motorcycle Loans at Hock a Car 4 Cash


We ensure the motorcycle pawn loans contract terms are straightforward and flexible!

You pay no establishment fee and make no repayments until the contract expires. However, you are welcome to pay off your motorbike pawn loan earlier, in which case our no exit fee policy applies.

Motorcycle Pawning Process

  • Fast and convenient in minutes.

Need Information? (View FAQs)
Contact Contact Harry via phone regarding a pawn motorcycle loan at Hock a Car 4 Cash. Harry Hock

Borrower receiving cash after pawning their motorcycle for a Pawn Motorcycle Loans.
List of items required for Pawn Motorcycle Loans

Pawn motorbike loan conditions

  • Preferably your motorcycle have no money owing. However, should you owe money, please contact our office to discuss further.

How to get a pawn motorcycle loan?

  • Visit our Motorcycle pawn shop.
  • Upon arrival we appraise your motorcycle, verify ownership.
  • Loan based on amount you require and bike value.
  • Finally, formailze documents.
  • Bike placed into storage until loan repaid.

Receive payment

  • Cash in Hand or Bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the process to get pawn motorcycle loan?

First step is to ride your motorcycle to our office; we will appraise it and offer a loan amount based on your bike value and the amount you require.

Can I get a loan if my motorcycle is not fully paid for?

Should you have loan payments left on your motorbike, contact us, ☎ 02 9630 9968

What amount will I get when i pawn my motorbike?

You may borrow anywhere from $500 up to $30,000.

What documents are required?

We items as listed:

Proof of identification

  • Driver’s Licence • Passport.
  • Bank card • Medicare Card.

Proof of Ownership

  • Registration Paper • Sales Invoice.
  • Ability to login to NSW services.

Can I get a motorbike pawn loan if I have a bad credit rating?

The pawn motorbike loan you get is based on your motorcycle value, thus, your bad credit standing does not matter.

How long does it take to get the pawn loan approved?

Your pawn loan is processed within 30 minutes or less.

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