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Need more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs regarding our vehicle pawn loans.

Hock a Car 4 Cash having been in business more than 20 years is recognised as an elite Sydney vehicle pawnbroking business.

Our service offers secured loans to people, using their asset (Vehicle or other) of value as collateral; Collateral refers to an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan.

What a convenient way of raising money the same day when you own a car, motorcycle, boat or truck by providing you the ability to borrow money against your asset value.

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What is vehicle pawn loan?

Money advanced by a pawnbroker against a vehicle which is pledged as collateral and retained by the pawnbroker until debt is repaid.


What amount can borrow against my vehicle?

We offer loans from $500 up to $150,000 depending on the value of the asset being pledge.

Does it matter if i have prior bad credit?

Borrowers bad credit history is not relevant as we do not process credit checks.

How do I obtain a vehicle pawn loan?

To ensure a fast process our preferred choice is that you visit our office.

When borrowing what fees do I incur?

Any fees charged are subject to the amount being borrowed and value of vehicle being pledged.

How do I repay my vehicle pawn loan?

We offer a non-repayment period up to 3 months, thereafter a instalment plan or full repayment upon vehicle redemption.