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For all you need to know regarding vehicle pawn loans view Hock a Car 4 Cash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a Leading Sydney Vehicle Pawn Shop.

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Hock a Car 4 Cash having been in business more than 20 years is recognised as an elite Sydney vehicle pawnbroking business. Located in the Parramatta precinct, we offer a convenient way of raising money the same day.

Owning a car, motorcycle, boat or truck gives the ability to be able to borrow money against that assets value.

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

may assist in helping to understand the services this business provides.

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What is vehicle pawn loan?

Vehicle pawn loans are generally short-term cash loans that can be obtained when a vehicle is pledged as loan security and retained by the lender until debt is repaid.

What amount can borrow against my vehicle?

Loans offered range from $1000 up to $50,000.

Does it matter if i have bad credit?

Borrowers good or bad credit history is not relevant to obtaining a cash loan against your vehicle when you pawn your car.

How fast do I get my money?

You will have your payment in cash or bank transfer within minutes.

How do I obtain a vehicle pawn loan?

To ensure a fast process our preferred choice is that you visit our office.

When borrowing what fees do I incur?

Fees charged are relevant to the amount being borrowed and value of vehicle being pledged. In estimating any fees charged it is a requirement that we view and assess the vehicle.

How do I repay my vehicle pawn loan?

We offer a non-repayment period up to 3 months, thereafter a instalment plan or full repayment upon vehicle redemption. To reduce your debit, you have the option to make instalments as you go.

Require more information?

Our thirty minute cash loans process is quite simple. Our same day loans are lent against the value of your car, motorcycle or boat which you provide as security against the money you are borrowing. As your car, motorcycle or boat is retained by us as security we do not process employment, credit or background checks.

Terms and Conditions

Loan contracts are set at 3 months; however you may pay earlier without penalty fees or extend past the 3 months at which time you are not charged interest but a safekeeping fee. You have the right to pay interest periodically or at the end of contract.

Further Information

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