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Vehicle pawnbroker offers a fast and private lending service when you pawn your vehicle. We guarantee no hassle without credit checks and most important with money paid on the spot, even if you have bad credit.

As a Vehicle Pawn broker, our convenient money lending service allows you to pawn your vehicle or other asset and a borrow a short-term no credit check cash loan without any background checks by using your vehicle or watercraft asset as loan collateral.

With more than 35 years combined industry experience, as a Car Pawnbroker, Hock a Car for Cash, Sydney’s Premier Vehicle Pawnbroker will ensure that your experience is private and confidential, even if you have bad credit. Learn more.

What Amount Will We Lend?

Irrespective whether you require a small $500 short-term cash loan or large $50,000 short term cash loan. We can help! Our loan advance will be based on your requirement and value of your asset you intend to pawn.

When I Pawn My Vehicle

How Fast Do I Get My Money? For your convenience we’ll process your no credit check loan in just minutes and provide cash or an immediate bank transfer to an account of choice.

Hock a Car for Cash
Car Pawnbroker Sydney offers

What Vehicles Do We Pawn?

We endeavour to provide loans against most vehicle and watercraft assets. Our most popular products car pawn loans, motorcycle pawn loans and boat pawn loans. When you’re considering to obtain a cash loan against your car or borrow a loan on your motorcycle or loan against your boat, the make is unimportant.

Can I Pawn My Prestige Car?

Whether you own a $10,000 Toyota, $20,000 Ford ute or $200,000 Mercedes Benz. There’s never a hassle to pawn your car or other asset here.

Vehicle Pawn Loan Process

Visit our vehicle pawn shop with your asset and ownership paper.

Hock a Car for Cash
Vehicle Pawn Broker

We service all of metropolitan Sydney and New South Wales providing a simple and fast way of raising money. Hock a Car for Cash your local Sydney car pawnbroker and private moneylender specialist.

Vehicle types pawned for cash loans at Vehicle / Car Pawnbroker Hock a Car 4 Cash

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Need to Pawn a Vehicle?
Follow These Steps
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Bring: Asset and Ownership Paper
Asset ownership paper required to pawn asset at Hock a Car for Cash.
Provide your: Ownership Paper.
Borrowers identification paper required to pawn asset at Hock a Car for Cash.
Provide your: Identification.
Assessment paper required to pawn asset at Hock a Car for Cash.
We Assess
your Vehicle.
Pawn contract required to pawn asset at Hock a Car for Cash.
Finalize Amount
Sign Paperwork.
Cash in hand for payment of vehicle pawn loan.
Receive Cash
or Bank Transfer
Terms, Conditions and Process

When Considering
Our Loan Service
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Vehicle Pawn Loan Benefits

  • Negotiable interest rate and terms.
  • No setup or late payment fees.
  • No Repayments for 90 Days.

Vehicle Pawn Loan Conditions

  • Preferably your vehicle to have nil finance owing. However, should thereby finance, please contact us to discuss further.

Fast Loan Process

  • Vehicle and ownership assessment.
  • Finalize loan amount required.
  • Complete and sign the paperwork.
  • Receive Cash or Bank Transfer immediately.

More Information

Borrower holding cash deciding which asset to pawn at Hock a Car for Cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vehicle pawn loan?

A vehicle pawn loan is a cash loan that can be obtained when borrowers pledge a vehicle or similar asset as loan collateral. To secure the debt owing the asset is retained by Hock a Car for Cash until such time as the loan is repaid. Upon finalizing the loan the vehicle is returned to the borrower.

What fees will my vehicle pawn loan incur?

Interest charged is not relevant to your credit worthiness but the amount you intend to borrow and value of your asset you intend to pledge. To estimate fees charged it is a requirement that we view your asset.

What amount can I borrow against my vehicle?

Whether you require a small $500 cash loan or large $50,000 cash loan. If you own any one of the vehicle or other assets listed. We can help!

How do I repay my vehicle pawn loan?

We offer the first 90 days no repayments necessary. Then final repayment upon redemption of asset.

However, to reduce your debit you do have the option to make instalments any time, this being your choice. 

How do I obtain a vehicle pawn loan?

To ensure a hassle-free process view our how it works or visit our office.

Does it matter if i have bad credit?

Your good or bad credit worthiness is not a reflection in obtaining a cash loan as you are pledging your vehicle as collateral by handing over the vehicle to us until your loan is completely repaid.

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