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Hock A Car 4 Cash
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  • Car Pawnbroker Loans

  • From $500 up to $100,000

  • At Hock a Car 4 Cash Sydney

  • Pawn your Car, Motorcycle, Boat or Truck
  • Get a Same Day Cash Loan in Minutes
  • You Need No Cash Loan Approval Here
  • Bring Vehicle and Get Cash Instantly
Hock a Car 4 Cash guide to Pawn Car Loan Process

Hock a Car 4 Cash

Car pawn broker loans specialist – Hock a Car 4 Cash is a family owned and operated Sydney car pawnbroking business. With more than 35 years combined industry experience, we pride ourselves in our ability of being able to provide a private and confidential same day short-term loan service.

This business is not your normal lender. We are unique! As a licensed auto / vehicle pawnbroker we don’t require bank statements or financials like most finance lenders. Our convenient service allows you to borrow a same day short-term cash loan without credit check by using your vehicle or marine asset as loan collateral.

In short, to obtain a same day cash loan from us, all we require is an unencumbered asset that you pawn with us to secure your debt.

What assets do we pawn and lend against?

We provide pawn loans against most automotive and marine assets. Including car pawn loans, motorcycle pawn loans, boat pawn loans and truck pawn loans.
When you wish to borrow against your car or get a cash loan on your motorcycle or borrow against your boat or pawn your truck the make or model is unimportant. We pawn and lend against all, whether it be a Suzuki, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Holden, Mitsubishi or other. And of course, all model types including sport cars, sedans, SUVs, vintage and others.

What amount will we lend?

Irrespective whether you require a small $500 cash loan or large $100,000 cash loan. If you own any one of the assets listed. We can help! Our loan advance to you will be based on your need and your assets value which you intend to pledge.

How fast do I get the loan and money?

To ensure your convenience your loan can be processed in just minutes and you’ll receive your money immediately.

How would you like to receive your money?

View your options below.

  • Paid directly to you in Cash.
  • Transfer into bank account or other account of your choice.

Can I pawn my car that is a little different?

No problems, not only will we pawn your car but we also offer pawn loans against motorcycles, cash loans against boats, jet skis and trucks.

Flexible rates and terms

  • Negotiable rate and repayments  No establishment or early exit fee  No repayment until loan expiry.

Car pawn loan process


Visit: Hock a Car 4 Cash  car pawn shop with your asset, identification and registration.

  • Vehicle valuation and title verification.
  • Finally, receive cash payment.

Hock a Car 4 Cash – Vehicle Pawn Specialist

$$ Same Day Cash Loans in Minutes $$

Hock a Car 4 Cash guide to Pawn Car Loan Process
How to pawn a Car, Bike or Boat 5 Easy Steps To Your Cash Loan

How to Pawn your Car, Motorcycle, Boat or Truck

Don't Wait! Get Cash! Visit Us Now
Provide Identification & Ownership Papers STEP 02
Provide: Id - Registration paper.
Vehicle & loan assessment STEP 03
Vehicle & loan assessment.
Process Loan STEP 04
Process title checks and loan.
Receive Cash Payment STEP 05
Receive your Cash Payment.

Auto Pawn Loans in Minutes!

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Pawn loans against all boats at Hock a Car 4 Cash
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Our Customer Comments…
Thank you Hock a Car 4 Cash you have been a great help at a time we needed; and many thanks to the girls, for the speed they proceeded our loan, it was fantastic!!! We will be more than happy to recommend Hock a Car 4 Cash. – Mike & Diane… Dundas
Can i nominate your girls somewhere for a service award? In all the year’s I’ve dealt with Hock a Car 4 Cash, you have always helped me out when i most needed it. – John, Castle Hill
Dealing with Hock a Car 4 Cash you have been absolutely pleasure. From my first step with talking to the girls who lead me through the loan process. Thank you and all those who work at Hock a Car 4 Cash for service you provided in leading me my short term loan. – David Wang, Eastwood