Hock a Car for Cash is a licensed New South Wales Pawnbroker & Second Hand Dealer and operates subject to the laws as stated in the NSW Pawnbrokers Act 1996. 

Pawn Broking services and transactions provided by Hock a Car 4 Cash are not subject to the National Credit Act 2009 and exempt as services provided are not technically credit or credit service related. However, there is coverage by other provisions of the ASIC 2001 Act.

Pawning an Asset for Loan

As a pawnbroker lender, our loan approval process is somewhat different compared to the banking / finance industry.

  • Borrowers do not require loan approval; loans are not assessed on credit worthiness.
  • Loans are advanced based on the value of goods pawned as security and retained by the broker.
  • Therefore, there is no requirement to process borrowers’ credit or background checks.

Contract Terms & Conditions

(Per NSW Pawnbrokers Act 1996)

  • Contracts can be from 1 day to 3 Months (Maybe extended).
  • Loans exceeding three months will be charged a safekeeping fee.
  • Borrowers only pay for the monthly term used.
  • During the contract term, asset is retained by the broker.


(Per NSW State Pawnbrokers Act 1996)

Note: Each loan is individual resulting in different terms and rates.

Repayments monthly or when asset is collected. (Borrowers’ choice)

Rate & Fees

Monthly loan fee is 4% of the loan* amount. (No other hidden charges)

Amount You BorrowLoan TermMonthly Repayment x3Total Repayment
$20062 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$50062 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$80062 to 90 days*
(can be extended)
$1,00062 to 90 days*
(can be extended)

Maximum annual percentage rate based on the loan* terms selected: 48%*

Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates.

Should you require to extend term or pay loan earlier contact our service staff.