Pawn Your Car / Vehicle
How It Works

As Sydney’s Leading New South Wales Licensed Vehicle Pawnbroker, we are subject to NSW state licencing laws and this guide is a summary as to “How it Works to Pawn your Car or other Vehicle”. (In accordance with NSW Law).

  • Hock a Car for Cash can loan you money in exchange for your vehicle.
  • Your pawned vehicle is retained by us in storage as security for the loan repayment.
  • Once you repay the loan in full your vehicle will be returned to you.

Amount Lent

Loans are available from $500 up to $200,000 depending on borrowers’ requirement and assets’ value.

What Vehicle Can I Pawn?

  • Most makes and models of Cars, Bikes, Trucks & Boats including Jet Skis.

Images of various vehicles that are pawned at Hock a Car 4 Cash.

Our Great Terms

  • No background or credit checks.
  • Pay no establishment or late fee.
  • No Monthly Repayment = Pay Later Plan.

Loan Conditions

  • Vehicle is retained by us until debt repaid.

What We Require From You

(A) Identification

  • Driver Licence or approved photo identification.

Photo identification is a requirement when pawning an asset at Hock a Car 4 Cash.

(B) Asset Ownership Proof

  • Registration paper or sales invoice.

Ownership proof is a requirement when pawning an asset at Hock a Car 4 Cash.

Vehicle Pawn Loan Process

  • Assess your vehicle and confirm ownership.
  • Agree loan amount and formalize contract.
  • Vehicle placed into storage.
  • Receive Cash or Bank Transfer.

Finalizing Your Loan

  • Provide us notice you intend to finalize your loan and collect your asset.

Contract Terms

  • Contracts are set at three-months and you may repay earlier without penalty fee.
  • Alternatively, loans may be extended past the three-month period at which time a safekeeping fee will apply.
  • Furthermore, borrowers have the right to pay interest periodically or at the expiry of the loan.

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