How it Works

This is a summary as to How it Works to pawn a vehicle or similar asset to obtain a loan.


Hock a Car 4 Cash a New South Wales licensed pawnbroker, conducts business in accordance with the New South Wales pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers’ act 1996.

How it Works at Hock a Car for Cash

Good to Know

Pawnbroking is the oldest form of money lending.


Our service offers secured loans to people, using their asset (Vehicle or other) of value as collateral; Collateral refers to an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan.

Need to Know

  1. Borrower to bring their vehicle or other asset to our Vehicle Pawn Shop.
  2. Loan will be assessed and advanced subject to asset value.
  3. Asset is retained in storage until loan is repaid.
  4. Upon repayment the asset is returned to the owner.

Amount Lent

Loans are available from $500 up to $80,000 subject to borrower’s requirement and asset value.

Assets Pawned

All vehicles types, including;

What assets lent against at Hock a Car 4 Cash


  • No monthly repayments.
  • Repay when you pickup your asset.
  • Pay no establishment fee.
  • No credit check – prior bad credit Ok.
  • No early or late repayment fee.


  • Contract term / length is set at the period you stipulate, however, you may pay-out earlier, in which case you only repay for the term used e.g., 1, 2, 3 or more months.
  • A fee based on the amount borrowed and period used will be charged.
  • Should you need to extend your loan term, this is no problem, however, a fee will apply.
  • You have the right to pay monthly or at contract expiry.
  • Asset is retained in our storage complex until debt repaid.

Get Loan Process

Bring vehicle and documents to Car Pawn Shop.

Documents we require to pawn your vehicle

Provide Identification

  • Approved photo identification.

Photo identification is a requirement when pawning an asset at Hock a Car 4 Cash.

Provide Ownership Proof

  • Registration paper or sales invoice.

Ownership proof is a requirement when pawning an asset at Hock a Car 4 Cash.


  • Assess your vehicle and confirm ownership.
  • Agree loan amount and formalize contract.
  • Vehicle placed into storage.

Receive Payment

  • Cash or Bank Transfer provided.

Receive cash or bank transfer

Finalizing Loan

  • Provide 24 hour’s notice you intend to repay loan and collect asset.

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