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Hock a Vehicle for Cash

Operates as a licenced Vehicle Pawnbrokers and our car pawn shop is located at North Parramatta maybe worth a visit as an option available to you, when you need to raise money urgently, contact the car pawnbrokers now.Contact Us

How Much Will We Lend?

Loans are available from $500 up to $80,000, subject the value of your vehicle you intend to pawn.

Examples of Cars Pawned at Car Pawnbroker - Hock a Car 4 Cash - Car Pawn Shop.

What Vehicles or Cars Do We Pawn?

Our vehicle pawn shop lends against most variations of vehicle and watercraft. Generally, asset make or model is unimportant.

Car Pawnbroker Process

  • Fast and convenient process in minutes.

How to Pawn Your Car or Vehicle?
At Hock a Vehicle for Cash – Car Pawnbroker

Our Car Pawnbroker service in Sydney offer a fast and convenient service. Simply visit our car pawn shop with your vehicle and ownership title. (How to pawn vehicle)

Hock a Vehicle for Cash – Car Pawn Shop is located at:10 D North Rocks Rd, North Parramatta.

  • Upon arrival, provide us your ownership paper and identification document.
  • Our friendly vehicle pawnbroker staff will appraise your vehicle and verify ownership. Once completed we will discuss your amount of money required and provide you the solution you have been looking for!
  • Having agreed, all relevant loan documents will be processed within minutes.


  • Receive payment in cash or bank transfer.

Cash loan Against My Vehicle

  • I need to borrow against my car? Assuming you own a car with nil money owing, we can help! As licensed car pawnbrokers, we will pawn your car and advance money against your car title.
  • We are not selective when it comes to asset makes or models. We consider all to have value, whether it be a Suzuki, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Holden, Mitsubishi and many others. And of course, all model types including sport cars, sedans, SUV’s, vintage and others.
  • The same applies for motorcycles and watercraft, all have value.

Terms and Conditions

  • At car pawnbrokers Sydney, we ensure our auto pawn loan terms are flexible. This includes offering negotiable interest rates. You pay no establishment fee and nil repayments are required until contract expiry. Furthermore, should you wish to repay your loan earlier, our no exit fee policy applies. (Faqs)

Vehicle Pawnbroker Specialist

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