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price range -$500 to $80,000
Hock A Car 4 Cash
10d North Rocks Road
North Parramatta,NSW
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Car Pawnbroker

Car Pawnbroker

As a Car Pawnbroker, our service maybe an option available, when you need to raise money urgently.

Car Pawnbroker Buyer - Hock A Car For Cash

Option: Auto Pawn Loans

Hock a Car 4 Cash as licenced car pawnbroker will provide you a short-term cash advance against your asset as security against your loan.


How it Works

Visit our Auto Pawn Shop: 10 D North Rocks Rd, North Parramatta, NSW

Upon arrival, simply provide us your, ownership papers and identification documents.

We will appraise your vehicle, complete title checks and verify ownership. Once completed we will discuss your cash requirement and provide you the solution you have been looking for!

Having agreed with our loan offer, within minutes all relevant loan documents will be processed.

Finally, your settlement, cash or bank transfer.